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R1 oil pan removal on '64 Daytona???

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  • R1 oil pan removal on '64 Daytona???

    How does one go about removing the oil pan with the motor in the car? I've only previously worked on C/K cars and things look awfully tight on this Daytona. I removed the starter, pushed the exhaust pipes away from the engine, and removed all the pan bolts. Do I need to remove the R specific breather as well? Is there some trick with the steering that would allow sufficient clearance to drop the pan? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Just loosen the center bellcrank clamp bolt and remove it, you should be able to lift the bellcrank off of it's shaft and swing the whole tie rod and bellcrank assembly out of the way.

    With Power Steering, you have to disconnect the tie rod end on the RAM.

    If there is not enough clearance to lift it between the crossmember and pan, just loosen the four mounting bolts in the center bearing support until it drops enough to lift the bellcrank off.

    I would remove the "R" Series crankcase breather pipe, it needs a new gasket anyway. And put 4 bolts in the pan and snug them up if the pan dropped, you will need clearance to remove the tie rods & bellcrank.

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      Thanks Rich. After getting the pan off and removing one piston, I decided to just yank the whole motor. My neck just wasn't up to the task.