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Cat whiskers installation leaves something to be desired!

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  • Body / Glass: Cat whiskers installation leaves something to be desired!

    So i bought some Cat whiskers last summer ,and tried installing on the drivers door, well there suppose to snap in to their holes , the retainers were loose trying to stay on . I've been mulling it over in my head ,as to a better way to install them, but I tried some epoxy on the cat whiskers ,and I don't think the epoxy held the metal all that well. This part has got to be hard to figure out ,how to come up with a better way to install these items. I thought of rivets , but theres no way that is gonna happen. I guess I better try that company , that sells window felt , I can't think of the name of the company , sure it's in Hemmings. (55 president , 2 door)

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    It's very difficult to get the tight factory fit using the original type clips with new cat whiskers. Practiced restorers succeed. For this application, epoxy is never a solution. I've installed them with eighth inch rivets. You just need to peen the head of the rivet so it doesn't extend to the point where it might scratch the window when it's rolled up and down. A dab of flat black paint hides the shiny rivet head, if you care.
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      My body guy used wire staples the ends of which are twisted together on the back side. At least that is how he explained it to me. The fit is tight and straight. And you cannot see the wire.
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        On my 1950 Champion, I used stainless steel aircraft wire threaded through holes in the metal trimpiece left from the old staples on the inside edge cats whiskers. I used the toothed snap-in clips and 3M weatherstrip adhesive on the outside edge cats whiskers. I used a punch and hammer to push the clips closed, but I still had one that stuck out just a little bit at first and scratched the stainless window frame when I tested it for the first time. ARRRGH!
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