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Brake shoe for a 1936 Dictator Coupe 3A

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  • Brakes: Brake shoe for a 1936 Dictator Coupe 3A

    I am in the process of redoing my brakes and found a rear forward shoe missing. I have a parts book and it says it covers 1A - 10A, J5, L5, 1B, 1C - 6C, G, 2G. The part number that I came up with is 513421 for a single shoe and 186853 for the set. Can anyone please help me or give me an idea as to where I can find one? One last question, can brake drums be repaired as the edge where the shoe contact area meets the front looks chipped.

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    Try Dennis Dupont in New Hampshire for shoes and drums. Phone is six oh tree for tree for niner too niner oh. He has lots of NOS and used parts, especially for 1935-37 Dictators.
    Gary Ash
    Dartmouth, Mass.

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      Thank you Gary. I called but no answer will try again later.


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        He may be away for a while, try again in a week or so.
        Dan Peterson
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          Gary, you're going to confuse the phone number harvesting machines. LOL

          Yes, a chip in the cast can be repaired. I repaired a 1935 Ford generator pulley that had a small piece broken and missing. I used two C clamps to hold a thin copper plate on the inside of the V, then used my MIG welder to fill in the missing part. The weld was too hard to file, so I had to use my Dremel to do some careful grinding. I spent about 3 hours to fix it, but you can't tell it was broken and missing unless I point it out to you.


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            Thank you, will try later. I appreciate everyone's help!!, Dennis