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  • Paint: Please Help - Astra White Formula

    I need to touch up a few spots on my '64 GT Hawk. I found a place that sells aerosol spray cans but the don't have the formula for Astra White. Can anyone help me?

    Thanks, Dan

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    That can be a tough one to match, I believe when we had it matched for the re-paint of my '64 Daytona my Son Mike found a closest match, VW Color that had both a touch of yellow and enough black to get the correct Gray/White Color.

    I have seen a lot of '64-'65's that were poorly matched to a GM stark White/Refrigerator White, and just look wrong.

    I would think a touch-up paint would be the hardest to do because a 1/2 a shade off, WILL show unless you have it professionally "blended" in.

    That Website is interesting, only ONE Color out of only 4 '64 Colors is a correct '64 Color without seeing the finished product of course, and one Truck only Color, that's IT!

    For a 1963 Stude. you get the Omaha Orange Truck color Again, and a Reef Blue, 1962 Color shown as Gray! That is it for '63, totally USELESS!
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      I repainted a 64 a couple years ago and my DuPont store came up with a very close match for Astra white. I had some very old Astra which I compared on a board and I could not tell the difference I suggest you go to your local paint store with your car because if it was repainted it may not really be astra

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        I just had some paint mixed to rehab my '64 GT. It crosses to a 1999 Volvo. I'll try and find the code if you can't. Good luck!
        Rob in PA.