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Odd looking light.

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  • Electrical: Odd looking light.

    Ok I'm trying to get everything under the dash of my '61 Hawk straightened out and working properly. I removed the drivers side kick panel to gain access to some wires there and out falls this little cylinder shape with a wire attached to it. There is a small hole in it where I assume some light from the small bulb is supposed to escape. I don't know where it goes but I know one you guys do. It comes on with the instrument light switch. Couldn't find anything in the wiring diagram that would give me a clue.

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    That goes to the ignition switch...someplace! Hopefully someone can tell us where and how!!! There will be another one for the cigar lighter.
    Packard Hawk


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      That's probably what it is. The car doesn't have the original ignition switch and that's what it is close to. It does work so maybe I can find a use for it.