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    Originally posted by jrlemke View Post
    I'm converting a Stude V-8 Prestolite dist. to electronic.I'm using parts from an Autolite from a 440 Mopar, a G.M. 4 pin ign modual, a coil from a '94 Chev. truck or a '76 Vega and a relay for 12v to coil. My question is, the Vega had a condenser on the coil and on the modual, the Mopar had no condensers. Do I need either condenser? There is no mention of condensers in any of the write-ups I have found on the forum. Also, there is nothing about what year vacuum advance unit was used for the conversion. There are several different numbers listed in the parts catalogs. Thanks- Jim
    The condenser on the coil is connected to the 12+ side of the coil to shunt any flyback so it doesn't contaminate the other electrons in the car.