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Chrome Grill 1962 Hawk

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  • Body / Glass: Chrome Grill 1962 Hawk

    My shroud has a lot of pits. I have ask a few chrome shops to re-chrome this but they are not crazy about doing it.
    This is a Diecast item and it is difficult to restore. Can this be sanded and painted? Or can a grill from another year be reworked and made to fit?

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    I believe you are speaking of the center grille attached to the hood front center; You can only use a 62 grille as the casting of the 63/4 although looking quite similar are different. Wait until a less pitted one becomes available. They are out there. Call BARRY HACKNEY 281 787 6230 cheers jimmijim
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      The grille surround is one year only, but any other Hawk grille will physically bolt to the hood.


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        You can use any 62 or older grille although 61 and later will have a different look to it. If yours is not pitted to bad should be able to be redone, may be expensive.