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Packard V8 Fan Issue!

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  • Engine: Packard V8 Fan Issue!

    Just a reminder to any owners (or potential owners) of the 56J (1956 Golden Hawk) model Studebaker...............Be careful working around a running Packard V8 engine until you carefully check out the engine cooling fan.

    The fan blades on these Packard V8 engines tend to crack around their assembly rivets. ...... And being almost sixty years old now can't help that situation!

    Sometimes, an odd 'clicking' noise at the front of an idling Packard V8 is an indication the blades are 'working', and should be removed and checked out ASAP!....SN-60
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    Thanks for the reminder. Probably not a bad idea on any of our aging fleet. Let's throw it out to the forum for a good technique for checking them out. Many are painted a flat black color and small cracks are difficult to see by casual observation.
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      one dark night my cousin jim and i were rolling slow down a farmers road in jim's 64 ford pick up. since we were on private property and didn't want to be seen, we had the lights off. i heard a loud BANG and yelled to jim "GET US OUTTA HERE, HE'S SHOOTING AT US !" when we got back to the main road, we saw a fan blade sticking six inches through the hood !
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        Haven't checked these out, but they look good.....,59345.html

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          Have one on wifes 57 Hawk, had to turn radio up LOUD to cover fan noise. i'm going electric soon! Doofus


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            The six blade Stude Avanti fan, sold by some of our vendors to lower Avanti engine temps, works well but is quite noisy also!


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              A July '56 service bulletin warns of fan breakage on 56 Golden Hawks (Packard engine). The original fans had 4 rivets attaching each blade to the hub. That fan was replaced by one with heavier gage metal and 8 rivets per blade, part #1542138-P, at serial number 6033140. Dealers were urged to check earlier cars very carefully.
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