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Is Extreme Cold A Battery Killer?

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    Here's a pretty good summary of why/how car batteries freeze. It may answer some of the issues/contradictions raised in this discussion.



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      Here in Arizona, I returned two 12V batteries (cores) yesterday and received $40.00 credit. When did this become so high and why? Post # 22 must be correct in that the recycled lead is really being used again.


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        As John stated: " Well...cold might not kill a battery, but it sure will expose any weakness."

        Extreme heat is an issue. But, because cars crank easier in heat than cold, the cold brings out the worst.
        Cold normally isn't an issue for a battery in good condition that is fully charged.

        Of course, if it get cold enough, not much of anything will work.


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          Originally posted by jclary View Post
          Well...if you are as bright as you'd like for the rest of us to think you'd look at the post time. Just because you hit the submit button a split second before I did, doesn't guarantee I'd scroll back up to read it.

          However, I'll not take your point too seriously. After all, as dumb as I am...If it wasn't for me, you'd have no one else to look down on.
          It's not a matter of being smart, jclary.

          It's a matter of posting:

          " Quote Originally Posted by jclary View Post

          I don't know how the market for "lead" is these days."

          You're connected to the internet, so...if you actually DO want to know a simple fact: "how the market for lead is these days", a thirty second search will provide that information. You aren't ignorant, you're bone lazy.