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Looking for a thermostat to fit a '37 President

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  • Cool/Heat: Looking for a thermostat to fit a '37 President

    Does anyone know what modern application would use a 2 1/8 inch diameter low-temperature-opening (about 150 degrees or so) thermostat? The originals in '37 Presidents were installed in the upper radiator hose and are very scarce. I'm told they are somewhat tubular in shape and held in place with a hose clamp. I'm hoping I can make one work by sandwiching a modern thermostat rim between two short sections of 2 1/8 OD stainless tubing inserted in the hose and held in place by hose clamps. I'm afraid that if I don't have an application to tell the counter guys at the FLAPS that my suggestion to "Get out the calipers and start opening boxes to find a thermostat that is 2 1/8 diameter" will not be well received. Thanks. Tom

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    I use a 2" diameter stat in my Model A, and hold it in place by slipping in a 1" length of rubber hose that fits tight inside the top hose. This same thing should work for your Stude, but why do you want such a cold stat? I would go with a 180*.


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      I thought that temperature might raise some eyebrows, but the '37 shop manual says that the thermostat should "Begin to open between 148 and 153 degrees" Tom


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        A lot of older cars had cooler thermostats, such as 165*, but hotter is better for the engine. Today's cars with pressurized radiators will use 195 to 205* stats. Hotter is better to cook off harmful acids in the oil, and it's better for fuel economy.


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          Prewar V-8 Fords use thermostats that sit in the hose. Almost all V-8 Ford parts have been reproduced. Bob Drake is a big supplier. You could search his site and others.
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