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  • Paint: '51 Champion Interior Paint

    Does anyone know where to find (or a paint code) for the dash and door paint for my '51?

    depending on lighting, it appears gray or gray with some gold added on the dashtop. i'm trying to match the doors just below the windows - they have quite a bit of light surface rust.

    i tried "search" to no avail.

    thank you!
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    I took the glove compartment door and had them match it. Then he added metal flake to match. I painted everything (except the steering column) inside though.


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      I had two different paint companies match the same exact piece of original paint and neither comes even close to what we originally had. Nor do they match each other. I used one, but kept the original piece to try a third time.


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        They didn't have a paint code for those interiors, the interior colors turned more gray toned in '52. Your best bet is to get a close match at a paint shop. My '51 had a close match and the PO painted everything so it looked original. ( I think they dumped all their leftover exterior paint together and used it for the interiors!).


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          You may be right, Bruce. But remember the interior paint included some flattener to decrease reflected sunlight.
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