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Climatizer application?

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  • Cool/Heat: Climatizer application?

    What is the application of this 12 volt heater motor/climatizer ?

    Click image for larger version

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    this looks identical to the Climatizer in my `54 coupe, but just going from memory.

    If it is identical, will probably fit most c/k bodies all the way up to the GT's when I think they changed, but without the parts books I can't be certain, I'm sure others will know. your's looks to be in great condition. cheers, junior
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      12-volt would be for '55 or later. It does fit inside the right front fender of cars with the vent intake in the fender but, whether that's a C/K or sedan fit might depend on the length of the bracket. I don't have the catalogs handy; maybe someone does.
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        It would most likely be for a later Hawk or a GT Hawk up to but not including 63. The fact that it has two wires would most likely make it for after fifty eight, earlier versions used one wire, and had a resistor in the switch.
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          Sorry, I totally neglected the fact that the OP said 12VOLT...I was more focused on the housing and mounting bracket. cheers, junior
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            Thanks for the information. I can not find the assembly pictured in a parts book or shop manual If it for a 1958-1962 C K, I can not find a part number for it. It has CLIMATIZER stamped on the housing and 12V on the motor. It has a NOS type wire on it but the tag is missing.


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              You will find it in the BODY Parts Catalog in Accessories Section which is what it is.

              When you say "the Tag is missing", does that mean a Studebaker Part Number Tag for a NOS unit?
              Yes it appears to be the long bracket type for a C or K probably a '62 with a two speed motor with 2 wires.

              Does it appear NOS or re-painted?
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                It is NOS and sold. I still do not have a part number. Plate AC-3 item AC1-22 for 1959-1962 C-K does not look like it.


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                  As Brad said since it is two wires it has to be GT hawk, my 61 still has one wire, I do not remember if they changed in 62 or 63

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