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  • Brakes: What Numbers Fit?

    I was going through some brake components I have pulled from a few Studebakers I parted out to verify fitment of 6 cylinder car front brake shoes with rear V8 drums. I found a number that does not match with Studebakers. It appears to be a Ford number. Does anyone know if these parts are for a Thunderbird or am I missing something?

    The part I have is WE 126-EE-BA, and BB (Leading and trailing shoes)

    From what I have with Studebaker part numbers they should be #176 not the #126.


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    Sorry that was the bonded material. I found the shoe number FMS 326 which a Studebaker compatible shoe.


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      Generally speaking, 10" front shoes from a 6 cylinder will fit most 10" rear drums from a V8. On cars with self adjusters, there may be a couple of holes that don't get used, but these days most parts stores would probably carry them under the same number.



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        Thanks Chris, I have a complete 10" front brake system that is only miles old that I pulled off a 62. I gave the rear hubs away last year for a 10" rear set that I was going to use on my car, as I was going to the new flanged axle so I didn't need the hubs, so the drums went with them. I see all the parts will work, after I install the park brake, but the wheel cylinder is too large, 1", as opposed to the 7/8" for the rear. The original 7/8" are shot. I don't even think a kit could bring these back. Just another day in the lab.



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          I still have the 10" drums if you need them.
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