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  • Rear Axle: rear axle seals

    Putting new felt seals in my '55 commander dana 44 rear axles. Couldn't find anything if they need to be lubricated before axle installation. any advise? ALso installing new bearings, races, shoes and wheel cylinders. I also cleaned out the vent hole and noticed some grit in the axle tube to be cleaned out Thanks, Steve

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    Steviewonder the felts are a dust seal the hub inner snout rubs on. the real seal is in the cavity the axle bearing sets in. this usually gets replaced when axle bearings get changed. if there was 90 wt mixed in the axle bearing grease the seals need replacing. look at the backing plate just below the big axle hole and you will find a hole, this vents leaking 90wt to the outside and hopefully saves your shoes. Good Luck Doofus


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      Yes I always smear on a light coat of Wheel Bearing Grease on the inner surface of the Felts to lube them to prevent premature wear.

      While you are in there and have done the hard work of removing the Hub/Drum Assemblies, I would do as Doofus said and change the Inner Seals that do all the work. The originals were Leather, we now have Neoprene Seals.
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