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Another dumb PS hose question.

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  • Steering: Another dumb PS hose question.

    This is driving me nuts! I know the hoses routing question has been pounded into the ground, but.... All of the threads I found have related to non Hawk hoses. I have looked at all the pictures and I note that none of the hoses look like the high pressure pump hose that I just got from SI. Mine is a 61 Hawk and when I got the car the high pressure hose was routed under the motor and due to rubbing and heat broke not too long after I got the car running. I had a hose made with thicker high pressure hose material. I just routed it back under the motor and since then it has "taken a lickin' and kept on tickin'" as they say. However I wanted to replace all the hoses and find that the lighter hose may not survive for long getting hit by tie rods and exhaust heat, so I need to know how this hose was originally routed. I guess I could just put the more robust hose back on but I still would like to have it routed better, besides the heavier hose is way more difficult to bend.
    Don Watson
    61 Hawk

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    After working in the junk yard on a front end loader I learned to study the hoses and run them in such a manor they will flex the least. Also slit a heater hose and clamp it to any hydraulic hose that rubs any metal. This really cut down on hose expense and down time.