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advance weights 4 prestolite

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  • Ignition: advance weights 4 prestolite

    Guys, bought a set of advance weight springs from S.I. shouldn't they both be the same size, one's almost twice the size as the other. The problem is that's what I found in the dizzy when i took it apart, I thought both should be the same size & figured someone lost one & installed the larger in it's place. I've seen drawings & both look to be the same size.
    if one should be larger is there any special orientation? Any input would be helpful. Sorry it's 4 a 64 289 Pete

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    I often see two different springs used in the same distributor. It never made sense to me either, but it is correct. I think I just figured it out. The weak spring will allow advance to a certain degree (maybe about 10-15 degrees) as soon as the engine fires up, then the heavy spring will allow more advance (graduated advance) as the engine increases speed.


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      All of the Prestolite distributors with the exception of an R2 distributor use 2 different springs. For stock V8's and R1 distributors, you should have all of the centrifugal advance in at about 2400 crankshaft rpm. Bud