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1949 Studebaker Trucks - Numbers Matching or Not?

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  • Engine: 1949 Studebaker Trucks - Numbers Matching or Not?

    Hello, I have a 1949 Studebaker 2R5. The previous owner was in the process of rebuilding a motor and transmission for this.

    The engine included and apart, had all the machine work and rebuild kit included. The transmission sinks look new in the additional transmission as well.

    The original engine and transmission was still in truck. It looks good except motor appears to be frozen. Not the end of the World, necessarily. He had rebuilt many Studebaker vehicles I am told.

    I was also told that truck are not numbers matching and as long as the engine is correct for the vehicle/period, there is nothing to worry about as they cannot be matched or traced.

    I was visiting with an old guy and he begged to differ. Who is right here?

    Where are the number on the engine, transmission and chassis?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Production orders (build sheets) are available for Studebaker vehicles, not sure how far back. They could match the truck to the engine. That said, numbers matching is not a big deal in the Studebaker world with a few exceptions that would not include your truck. I would not sweat it.
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      I would only sweat it if that original engine number was used on the registration.
      I've heard it was done that way in some states 'back in the day'.

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        Agree with both of the above responses. If the truck's title shows the same number as on the vehicle serial number on the plate on the driver's side step plate (R5xxxxx), then you don't have to worry about whether the numbers match or not. However, if the truck is titled with the engine number, then you will have to do something to get the title changed to either the new engine's number or (better) the vehicle serial number.

        One other thing: is the replacement engine also a 170 ci Champion 6? If so, it will fit fine, but if it originally came out of a car, some of the stuff from the truck engine will have to be used to get it to mount up properly. On the other hand, if the replacement engine is a Commander 6, some additional work and parts will be needed. In particular, the front frame cross members will be wrong for the Commander 6 front motor mounts.
        Skip Lackie


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          Thanks, previous owners are driving winged flying Studebakers in Stude Heaven. Not available at this time for comment.

          That being said, original motor was setting in vehicle on engine motor mounts. No rubber or bolts. I found laying in the front of engine, an approximately 4" mount, with a rubber block in it and two bolts? It has a curve on the top side of this, not to be confused with the transmission mount? What do you suppose? I am looking for the rubbers for the side engine mounts. Haven't figured out what this other "loose mount" is?

          Thanks iin advance.



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            That front Mount sounds to me like it could be about a 1950 Champion 6 CAR Center front mount, as Skip tried to tell you, Trucks have completely DIFFERENT Left AND Right, Front and Rear rubber Mounts and Mount BRACKETS, also Clutch Housings, Oil Pans, other attachments from the Engine to the Truck.
            I would not re-use any Rubber Mounts, they are all available New and mushy ones will not properly locate the Engine.

            The 6 Cyl. Starting Engine Serial Numbers for each year model are listed here:


            Do not pay any attention to any "Raised" numbers on the block, the Serial Number is hand Stamped INTO the Iron, not cast with it.
            Look at the Left Side of the Block at the Front, Top corner on a flat machined Pad.
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              That was a lot of help, thank you.