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NOS Performance Heads on Ebay

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  • Engine: NOS Performance Heads on Ebay

    No valves or springs installed so apparently bare heads.
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    These are the 232 heads with the small valves.
    Si sell the same heads for $95.00 each
    Robert Kapteyn


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      This is interesting, they are definitely 232 Heads, one was Cast 6/26/1951, but those do look like Larger Intake Valve Seats, I can't tell from a Pic about the Exhaust Valve Seats however.

      If Stu-V actually had anything to do with them they COULD be Ported and enlarged a bit. But why spend money on 232's when you could get almost Free, much better 259/289 ones.

      Of course his asking IS crazy, but he will own these a while for sure!
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        Yes, what would have been professionally ported high performance heads in 1954 were just doorstops in 1955. Nothing which can be done to '51-54 heads will make them perform better than '55-64 heads.

        The asking price is about what one would expect to pay for professionally ported R1 heads opened for R3 valves and with hard exhaust seats.


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          He says ported and polished yet there are no pictures showing the ports.