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    Picture of 2214SA linkage on my 1955 President State Sedan

    I took the pictures before and after a rebuild. I compared to the pictures you posted and they look the same to me.

    Charlie D.Click image for larger version

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      WCFB 2214sa Photos

      1234567890- cheers jimmijim
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        Yes, the side linkage looks Studebaker, and the bracket that supports the throttle dashpot looks correct also.


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          WCFB Tags...

          I bought my WCFBs off of these pictures. I was very lucky that the owner was honest and the tags were still attached. During rebuilding, I found a shop that stamped replacement tags. I travel with the repops, while the originals are framed and hanging safely on my office wall.
          Good luck.
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            Thanks to all who weighed in on this issue of mine. SN-60, I was hoping you would view my pictures and you did. You alerted me to the distinguishing Studebaker throttle side lever arms and linkage which enabled me to get the pictures needed for verification. I can consider buying this WCFB now with confidence that it is a Studebaker carburetor. Thanks again to all.


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              Point of interest... Way back in the early '80's I had a 1961 WCFB off of a 259 Lark kicking around in my garage and decided I needed a 4bbl to put on my '79 Ford van with 351Windsor engine and 2bbl carb. I used a 4-2 adaptor and a wide to narrow base adaptor on top of that and then made up a tube to rig up the choke with. No other major mods made, even to the throttle linkage. What a sweet setup. My gas mileage went from 16 to 21 mpg (imperial gallon) and it went like the proverbial bat-out-of-hell! Excellent carburator.

              When I sold the van I kept the setup but now the only things I can find are all the adaptors and gaskets I had to use to make it work. No clue where the carb went. Oh well...