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Correct color on 1961 Power Steering Unit

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  • Paint: Correct color on 1961 Power Steering Unit

    power steering - what color was this unit typically painted? It appears as if mine had a light coat of silver-gray. Is this the correct color combination for this unit for the 1961 model year? My car was built in mid December of 1960. I've read that most earlier units were semi-gloss black. Also, were the master cylinder and steering gear ever painted?


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    Steering Gear =semi gloss Black.

    Master cylinder = bare iron, (use Eastwood or Duplicolor Cast Iron Gray Engine Enamel)

    I am guessing you are asking about the Power Steering PUMP =Silver Gray with Aluminum Silver Engine Enamel overspray, this is not THAT critical, because some did vary (Black W/Engine Color overspray), most '61's would have a Silver/Gray Lid also, it has been way too many years since I looked at many of these when New to be sure, it is better to have someone chime in who ACTUALLY still owns a '61 V8 from New, and has not repainted it.

    There COULD be one or two "original" '61 owners left who did not modify anything yet, but best bet is get it a Color that was used on "some".
    The Power Steering Pumps are a "replacement item" so few are original. If you do not paint it Red or Blue you will not lose any points!

    I am sorry, I purposely did not answer this question on your Engine Color Post, because there is always someone who says something like: mine is not a '61, but it is Green!
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      Thank you for the info! I'm guessing that the pump in my car is original since it conforms to the silver-gray that you mention.