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  • Body / Glass: 55 Speedster

    I have a 55 Speedster ID no. 7807436 Where do I find the build/production no.?

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    The Studebaker National Museum will sell you a factory build sheet for your car. Just do a search for their website.
    There should also be an metal tag on the cowl in the engine compartment on the passenger side.
    You can see it in this picture.
    Welcome to the forum. This is a very active forum and you will get lots of help with any Studebaker questions.
    Member SN-60 is also compiling a registry of Speedsters and will be anxious to have some information about yours.
    Post some pictures of your car.
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      Originally posted by old speedy View Post
      I have a 55 Speedster ID no. 7807436 Where do I find the build/production no.?
      Welcome to the SDC Forum!

      Your Speedster was assembled in Vernon (Los Angeles) CA, not South Bend or Hamilton.
      As mentioned, the body number tag under the hood/on the cowl will give a sequential number of the body weld up.
      The production order from the SNM will give more information.
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        Hello 'old speedy'...Another President Speedster...GREAT!!!...See latest post under 'Counting '55 President Speedsters'


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          What's the history of the car, is it gray and white, and did the car come from the north hill in Puyallup?-Bill