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Wheels & Tires under a Lark wagon

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  • Wheels / Tires: Wheels & Tires under a Lark wagon

    Has anyone managed to fit a 15 X 7 tire/rim combination under their Lark. If so what was your tire size and rim width? Could you kindly advise me what the backspacing was on your new rim?
    Or for that matter has anyone managed to fit a 17 X 7" or 8" rim under their car without doing any modifications I might add.
    Thanks alot.

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    Your best bet is to go out and do some measuring for yourself. It's not difficult and you may find that despite what others may or may not say, you can do exactly what you want to do..!
    A straight edge and a tape measure,is all you need.
    I'd bet that there are complete instructions out there in the internet if you just spend a few minutes to find out for yourself.

    Do I have wide tires and wheels on my 59 Lark wagon, or my 54 wagon, yes. I spent a few minutes with a wheel/tire off of each and and the aformentioned straight edge and tape.
    The harder thing will be finding the wheel you want with the offsets that you find that you want.

    Have fun, hope you find what you are looking for.



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      The biggest issue is going to be whether or not, it will go up a Driveway Apron with the wheels turned full Left and Right and clear the Floor, fender and also the Lower "A" Arm bushing Nut and Zerk fitting. Of course Lowering the Car, will worsen the situation.
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        Lark vs. Lark wagon? I think it makes a difference.

        FWIW, a friend runs the ever popular Mopar (7x15) police car wheels on all 4 corners of his 1964 Daytona hardtop. Not sure about tires but they are wide and probably something like 65's in profile. Clearance all around.

        Wagon-wise, on my '64 Wagonaire I found that the rear wheel wells were kinda limiting, and so ran different wheels front and back. Can't remember if they were 6 or 6.5 by 15, but the rears were plain steel wheels from a full sized late '70's early 80's Mopar (the kind the RV makers begin with and swap out for mags etc) work van.
        The deal with them was that their deeper setback allowed me to use them in the rear but, as Rich sez, they made contact on the front suspension.
        Thus different wheels, but of the same with, on the fronts. All 4 of my tires were 225-70 15's.