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1964 Daytona Wagonaire tailgate question

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  • Body / Glass: 1964 Daytona Wagonaire tailgate question

    is there a way to get the access panels off to work on the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of the tailgate with the tail gate CLOSED?

    My power rear window is stuck in the "UP" position... so I can open the tailgate to get to the bottom screws of the panels.

    do I need to remove the sliding roof panel so that the top of the tailgate glass is "free" and I can then open the tailgate?
    if this is the case, how does one remove the sliding roof panel?

    cussing at Studebaker engineers right now for not making the service panels removable with the gate closed... grrrr...

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    well. looking at the rear glass this morning it is captive in channels on the sides, so taking off the roof panel will not allow the tailgate to be lowered.

    back to trying to get the glass down somehow (trying to avoid having to break it out as it is original) or getting the panels off with the tailgate closed.

    anyone else every have this happen? Or am I the first in the history of Studebaker?


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      That's exactly how I got my electric window out of a parts car. I had to remove the access panels with a short Phillips, get to the clips that hold the window to separate the window from the track. Be careful not to scratch the glass. That way the window can slide down and the tailgate lowered. It is a real PITA project-esp. for a tall person to navigate.
      Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
      Rob in PA.


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        how did you remove the access panels? I cant get to the bottom screws with the tailgate closed. Did you just leave the bottom screws in and bend the panels enough to to reach in the tailgate?


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          Choptop, there are no screws along the bottom of the two tailgate panels. Just remove the visible screws and slide the panels up.


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            Well now isn't that convenient! I guess it pays to LOOK!
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              Originally posted by garrilla View Post
              Choptop, there are no screws along the bottom of the two tailgate panels. Just remove the visible screws and slide the panels up.
              huh, well I guess mine are just stuck in there good. I looked at the parts catalog and is showed screws on the bottom and figured that was the reason I couldnt get them out.. I stopped trying to force it.... back to using brute force


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                My 1963 has screws along the bottom. I had to bend the panel to lower the glass.


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                  For what it is worth, I just checked my 64 Wagonaire and it has no screws along the bottom. The last screws in the panel are visible when the tailgate is closed. Maybe they learned something in 1963 and decided that having screws that can't be reached when the tailgate is closed isn't a good idea.


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                    My Wagomaire is a 63 and does not have any screws along the bottom, nor is there any holes for them. I recently had to remove the panels to access the raised window after my once repaired manual crank striped while in the up position.