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64 Commander Challenger Model F (Rear Quarter Panel Removal)

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  • Body / Glass: 64 Commander Challenger Model F (Rear Quarter Panel Removal)

    Trying to remove the rear quarter panels on my 64 Super Lark (clone). Unable to reach the three attachment bolts on the inside rear window section. The rear glass goes down and stops leaving the glass between the access hole and the three bolts. If the window is rolled all the way up the requlator bar and lower section of the glass is blocking access to the three bolts. Tried removing the glass but seems impossible without cutting the framing portion. What did the factory do to install and remove the rear fenders? Thanks.
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    Got the glass up and tilted out of the top channel area by removing the headliner and a black colored filler plate that has 4 screws 5/16 head holding it to the framing area. And that allowed the removal of the channel felt runner.

    BUT the lower section of the glass refuses to go any further and the regulator arm is up against the inner and outer top panel. Still unable to decouple the glass away from the regulator arm. Don't want to cut the metal if not necessary.
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      If you can get to the Roller Clips to separate the Glass and Channel from the Reg. I believe the Glass gets rotated 90 degrees to remove it. I guess you do not have the Shop Manual handy, it is way better than my memory.
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        Regulator/lift bar on F body rear quarter windows do not use rollers or clips. You need to detach the regulator from the inner panel and slide the lift arm to the open part of the lift bar to disconnect it. Then the window will be free.
        You have to roll the channelling inward to remove the glass. Of course, be very careful of damaging the headliner.


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          Is there not a stop at the bottom that can be removed and the window will go down some more or is the just in the front?
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            Window is out and fender finally off. But it was a struggle and fight to the end to get it cleared through the tight top panel channels. No bottom stop bumbers found.
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