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  • Shocks: Shock mod

    Have new KYB shocks to install on my 64 Hawk and the lower mount bracket bolt spread is to narrow. I have read in other threads about using washers to make up some of the spread. Are you welding them on or just using bolt pressure to make up the difference. Also, is it possible to press out the shorter bracket and press in another which is wider without screwing up the lower rubber bushing. If someone has done this please explain. Probably easy to get the one out, but getting the other in without messing it up must need a trick. Thanks guys!!

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    I didn't like the look of the KYB's mount on mine, just didn't seem like enough purchase, so I welded a washer top and bottom on each side of the mount and filled the space with weld. I just wrapped a wet rag around the rubber and used tack welds not a continuous bead.

    I have a good press but resisted the temptation to exchange the mount as it looked like it could damage the rubber.



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      I have changed out the rubber ones and the shaft and pressed in stiffer urethane ones and the stock Studebaker shaft.It isn't easy but worth it once its done.