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63 Studebaker GT Hawk

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  • Transmission: 63 Studebaker GT Hawk

    I have a 63 GT Hawk, 289 with 3 speed automatic trans. When cold and started in park, loud rattling in transmission, when put in neutral, drive, low gear, noise will stop, but will also make noise in reverse. After warm up, noise will decrease. Can anyone tell me what could be in trans to cause this?

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    "Front pump buzz" possibly low on fluid.


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      Possible miss adjustment of the throttle pressure control rod. The pressure regulator will "buzz" when it's set too low. Often it is not the adjustment, but rather that the transmission mounts have deteriorated to the point of throwing things off. Try replacing the transmission mounts, and don't forget the spacer on the drivers side (left in the US) mount.
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