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  • Steering: Front Suspension

    I'm new, so sorry if this has been covered. Did a search, but no luck. How do i tell what steering box i have? 1957 Silver Hawk. Where is the best source to get parts? Also front end part such as bushings, kingpins, etc. And one more, any advice on improvements. Thanks Jim

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    Welcome to the party Jim. manual steering box will have a code cast into steering box on inside nearest engine TL,TA,S,SL. if power it'll be the dreaded saginaw off set. join SDC and get the proper manuals. Studebaker International has most parts, SDC mag has lots of other vendors. improvements depend on how you want to drive the car. Good Luck, Doofus


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      Welcome Jim,
      Is your car a six cylinder or a V8? If a V8, do a search in the archives here for MOOG 655 springs. If doing front end work anyway, an excellent time to install a pair.

      Again, Welcome


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          .I stock most parts you need.
          Get a parts book on a CD from Studebaker International

          and find the part numbers and send them to:

 for a quote.

          Robert Kapteyn


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            Thank you guys for the help. I'm pretty excited about this car. Someone before me installed a chevy 350. Not the end of the world, but not my first choice. Sounds like Studebaker had excellent stock motors. Well thanks again.


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              Oops. I just tried the address Robert Kapteyn supplied and it goes to the GoDaddy site with a notification attached. Do you have an alternate link for your StudebakerStore site?


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                My website is screwed up.
                Email me at
                Robert Kapteyn