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What is the best way to remove the valve guides at home?

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  • Engine: What is the best way to remove the valve guides at home?

    Hi, I just finished removing the cam, valves springs and valves; except two bent ones. I will try to yank out the bent ones or cut them if I must. Now I am wondering what the best way is to remove the valve guides without cracking the block.

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    Just to verify, this is a six cylinder engine...correct ?



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      flathead sixClick image for larger version

Name:	pistons and valves 2.jpg
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        Three ways to go here GBF. pullwith slide hammer puller, pull with peice of pipe and long bolt through guide or drive guide into valve chamber with piloted drift, if the lifters are out. if lifters are still in screw adj. screw in to give extra space. now order a manual! Good Luck, Doofus