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Transmission/clutch issues.....1961 lark 6 cylinder

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    STUDERICH: Its been a while since I started on the project of converting my lark to a tranny with O/D and along the way problems like the one stated here where always in the way of my being successful. I need to thank you, and I would if I could in person, for all the terrific input you have given me. I have printed off many of your responses concerning my problems with the Lark and took the printed responses to my garage, following them step by step and without them, I would not be driving this as my daily driver. I sold my Caddy DeVille so I would be forced into driving this 61 lark daily. Rich, this is my personal thanks for all the input on my project car.!! DONE and DRIVING!
    I appreciate everyone's input but have had most input and accurate input from StudeRich.
    Thanks again,
    Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
    I am sorry to hear of all your issues Greg. Issues like this are very difficult to analyze from afar.

    (1) As said the Flywheel COULD be wet.

    (2) The "New" Pressure Plate could be Chinese "Junk" I have talked many, many times here about NOT trusting a "New" Pressure Plate EVER! Get it rebuilt by a trusted local rebuilder always better than offshore junk. AND you have somewhere to go with your problems if it is not right.

    It is very critical that the release "Fingers" be perfectly evenly adjusted to get an even applying clutch.

    (3) The spring that retains the T/O Brg. is very important to be fastened to same AND the Clutch Release Shaft "Arms/Levers".

    (4) There could be insufficient free travel or missing Pedal pull-back spring causing the T/O Brg. to spin.

    (5) A NOS or older stock T/O Brg. can have dried out grease, causing noise.

    Take a very GOOD look in there before taking anything out of the Clutch Housing!

    And definitely get those Rear Engine Mounts that "look OK", replaced.


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      So Gregor........what were the issues that were found/corrected that resulted in solving your clutch chattering & shuddering?
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        Paul, the main issue, which you could not see is the arm that comes down directly from the clutch pedal or is pushed by the clutch pedal has a long threaded rod on the end and it connects to the side of the tranny (throw out bearing). Fiinally, when I pretty much gave up, StudeRich told me to dismantle everything and check and re-check. Well, that rod was bent a slight bit, not allowing it to go far enough when you would push the pedal or make adjustments and the bracket it was in was worn and I had it welded and the rod straightened. It probably gave me an additional 3/8" for adjustments and that did it. You would/could never see it with your eyes until it was dismantled.