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front springs sagging?

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  • front springs sagging?

    I need help from you dyed in the wool Stude guys. Still tinkering with the '60 Hawk after it set idle in the shed for 17 years. The front end sure seems to hang mighty low to the ground. The left front was particulary low, so I replaced the spring with another one from a '62 Hawk. The free length of that one measured 15-1/4 inches which I read somewhere long ago was the right lenght. The load rating of that spring is also rated a bit more than the '60, evidently due to larger diameter wire and fewer coils. It helped, but she still hangs low. In a static position, there is around 4-5/8 inches between the lower side of the frame near the shock mount and the upper side of the lower A arm. Anyone out there with known good springs that can give me an idea of the proper distance? Just by "eyeballing" it, jacking the front of the car up 2 inches makes it look right. At that height, the distance mentioned above then measures 5 inches. Incidentally, the springs do not have nor have ever had the worthless so called spacers jammed between the coils. I also jacked the left wheel up a few inches to offset the effects of a sagging rear spring, but that didn't really do much to speak of.

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    I hate leaning cars, I am TRYING to solve an issue now with my wifes
    78 Camaro, its leaned to the passenger side since they bought the car
    when she was a little girl. I bought ALL new springs from Hotchkis,
    and installed them - the car still leaned. I swapped the rear springs
    from side to side, it Still leaned to the passenger side. I took some
    measurements, found the front subframe had blown out body bushings on
    the passenger side. I replaced those - STILL leaned to the pass side!
    I came to the conclusion that the car MUST be welded together wrong. I
    dont have anything to back that up, but it gave me a reason to ignore
    it for a while.

    I was lucky with my 60 Hawk, the front end sagged, BUT it sagged even,
    so it looked like it was lowered. It liked the look and went with it.
    With the car leaning, you must make sure that you have the SAME rate
    springs on each side, and also that the rear is not causing the front
    to lean. I would replace the other spring with another 62 Hawk one.
    My Hawks engine is not in the car, and the front end is bent and taken
    apart, so I have no useful measurements to give you. You also might
    remove the shocks, to make sure that none of them are sticking. I had
    a shock on a 64 Lark 4 door, rust bucket we parted out, hold the front
    suspension from moving AT ALL - on one side.[:0]


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      John, What is the diam. of the spring wire? and how many active coils do you have at ride height? What is the number on the end coil that is ground? Is the lower a arm parralel to the ground at ride height?