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Windshield/Back window Rubber 47 Champion 4 door - Vendor experience

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  • Body: Windshield/Back window Rubber 47 Champion 4 door - Vendor experience

    We are getting down to just a few items left before hitting the road. As mentioned in an earlier post, we found the windshield in the car is quite a bit too small. I got help one night in early August from Russ Jenks in Idaho who gave me the dimensions of the glass to determine that. I then ordered a new set of windshields and they are across on the US side of the border now waiting to be picked up and have been for a while. I also ordered from Russ new seals front and back without the chrome as it seemed just about impossible to get the rear windows in even without the chrome with the current new seals I have for another supplier. My experience with Russ went right down hill since the glass was shipped. I send him an email, left may messages, talked to him once where he said he would get back to me, but nothing. He is not answering his phone at all now. Very frustrating. I see he has the windshield seal listed on Ebay
    He says he has 2 and will ship within 3 days after payment. Mine is paid for and has been for more than 2 weeks now. I have no idea where it is or when I will see it. I really don't like to speak badly of anyone and I realize how important these Studebaker vendors are to keep our cars going, but without the glass I can't get the car finished and it is tying up the shop of the fellow doing the work. The original plan was to have it in hand by latest Tuesday past, but I have no idea if it even shipped yet with no contact. If the windshield gasket is on ebay and is available, mine should have been shipped a while ago.
    Anyone else experienced this with Russ?

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    If you have a 2 piece back window, then this is not the correct rubber for it anyway. He needs to change his listing to 1947-50 models.



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      Looks like the Ebay listing is for a 1 pc windshield which I do not have. In any event, I would just like to get what I ordered and if it is delayed, just tell me what is happening so I can plan around it or re-source it elsewhere. Nothing worse than no info or contact.


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        Well I need to eat a big piece of humble pie. Russ had taken a week off and I did make contact the next week. I was just getting a little impatient at my end as the car was getting so close. The rubber shipment had got lost and has since been found. He then shipped it and the glass is in the car now. I went with the no chrome option as I do not have the chrome strips for the running boards anyway. With the yellow colour, the black rubber stand out nicely anyway. The rubber was easier to install without the chrome and although it is not easy it is done and ready to drive home when the rain stops. Bottom line - I am a satisfied customer of Studebaker Glass and Rubber and would work with them again in the future without hesitation.