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Tire"s for 63 Hawk

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  • Wheels: Tire"s for 63 Hawk

    Again looking for advice,replacing tires on 1963 Hawk G.T. Right now it is running 205/70 R15 on front and 215/75 R15 on back. I have heard both are too large for this stock rim. Any recomendations ? Brand ? Thinking of going back to Bias ply if I can find them reasonable. Thanks again...
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    Welcome to SDC and to the SDC Forum Michael! We are always glad to have new Forum Posters.

    Here you go, Cooper is the last Made in USA and US owned Tire Co. Also one of few Tire Co's that still sell P205X75R15 Tires in correct narrow White walls. They also are affordable.

    The P205X70R15 70 Series Tires are too small diameter, and too wide for your wheels. The P215X75R15's are just too Large.

    The P205X75R15 Radial will fit your 4 1/2 Inch wide Wheels and work well, but there are better wheels that are 5 1/2 or 6 Inches wide, but it is getting hard to find Ford or Chrysler ones with the correct Backset to clear both the fenders on the outside and the floor and suspension on the backside.

    If replacing them, you also want Wheels that have the Wheel Cover "Stops" on each side of the Valve Stem to prevent the stock wheel covers from spinning.
    Only USED Brand X Wheels will have that, no New ones are available.

    Radial Tires have proven to be better handling and riding tires on all Cars Old and New, they just will not last 10 or 20 years like the Bias Ply Tires did.
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