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Avanti II Electric Junction Box

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  • Electrical: Avanti II Electric Junction Box

    I am chasing some electrical gremlins and can not figure out how to take the cowl junction apart. I removed the center bolt and two bolts that hold the bottom half under the dash but can not get the upper and lower to separate. Anybody ever pull this apart? If so would appreciate some guidance. Thanks

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    What year?

    But to speed things up, my 83 has the hood open so it looks like this.

    Click image for larger version

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    The center bolt is 3/8" and turning it out on mine raises the top junction block as it unscrews and looks like this.

    Click image for larger version

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    If removing the bolt doesn't separate the two halves then it should just come apart with some modest persuasion. Use dielectric grease when you put it back together if these pictures represent yours.

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      There is a gooey tar like substance that is supposed to keep things water tight. It's not really supposed to be gooey, but it gets that way. The connections get warm fom corrosion, melts this mess into the junction. You have to be persistant and keep positive pressure and it will eventually separate. (Disconnect your battery first).
      After you get the block apart, you need to wash the connectors with a strong solvent to dissolve any of the tar-like substance from the electrical connections. Be careful and mask off any surrounding paint with plastic and have plenty of paper towels to imediately sop up any spills, as the solvent will ruin lacquer paint. Use a good dielectric grease when you reassemble the junction block.
      Avanti isn't the only ones with this problem, my old Chevy Blazer had the same mess.
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        Working on an 81 Avanti II. I did get the junction apart, thanks for the pictures. However, the two large wires, red and white/red tracer were not on spades. They both passed through the junction and were butt spliced on both sides. Had to cut to get apart. My original problem was wipers only worked on slow speed. Dan Booth helped trace faulty switch and confirmed wire colors were correct at switch and intermittent box. then could not get continuity on black wire between intermittent box and wiper motor. Also when checking continuity, I found I had continuity between the motor and the junction box on three of the four wires. I think some one had the junction apart at some time and some of the spades were touching together. Not sure how I will get it back together since some of the male spades were bent and pulled completely thru the upper Any suggestions?