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NEED Dana 27 or 44 with 4.10 to 4.56 ratio for 64' Wagonaire

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  • Rear Axle: NEED Dana 27 or 44 with 4.10 to 4.56 ratio for 64' Wagonaire

    I am starting a new thread because I thought I had a Dana 27 with 4.56 coming from Texas but that rear end mysteriously disappeared off the flat bed truck that was supposed to take it to get boxed and shipped to me. I asked how it is possible to misplace a rear end but the seller says it is possible on his property.

    So anyone who thinks the might have a 27 or 44 with a 4.09 to 4.56 ratio please let me know. This is being used on a 64 Wagonaire with 6 cyl. and 3 speed w/OD.

    I have waited for 2 months (I am very patient) to get this rear end so I can get this car moved to its new location for restoration to commence and am now dead in the water once again.

    Thanks in advance
    Last edited by 64Wagonaire; 08-07-2014, 04:47 PM. Reason: A 4.09 would work too

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    If you want to broaden your search, you can go all the way down to a 4.10 or so and still be able to do OK with that six cylinder. Good luck.


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      There was a school teacher in Seattle last year that had a spare Stude rear end. It included the drums and he wanted to get rid of it.. Do a search here on the forum. Not sure it is a 4.61, I think it was a 44 vs the 27, but if you are looking for a any 4 wheel drive shop can switch the gears out for you....



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        I have a 27 with 4.10 and brakes from a '62 6 cyl if you still need it.


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          I have a 23 with 4.55 and one with 4.88
          Mark Chance

          1933 Model 56 5 window Coupe


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            I have a good, all seals and gaskets replaced, 27 with 4:10 I'm pulling when ever. I also have a 4.55 44 carrier with ring and pinion just sitting here if you find a 44 you can use that does not have the numbers you need. Shipping is the problem. I'm south of you, way south, Los Angeles area.