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Rear Emergency Brake Cable

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  • Brakes: Rear Emergency Brake Cable

    I am still in the process of replacing all the brakes on my 1963 8E7 Champ Pickup. Tryng to figure out how to replace the emergency brake cable onto the emergency brake lever on the rear brake shoes. How to seperate the ball at the end of the cable from the cable jacket long enough to place it onto the brake lever. I've tried needle nose vice grip pliers pushing back the brake cable jacket, while holding the ball at the end of the cable. Doesn't work. Any ideas!!??
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    That's a tough one; a situation; difficult to describe as to how to do it.

    Personally, I've used two vice-grips. One "regular" set to hold the little ball and the second, your needle-nose set, to push the spring back and then clamp the pliers on the bare cable, holding the spring back a little until you can position it in the EB lever.

    Then release the needle-nose's grip on the bare cable, allowing the spring to pop toward the end of the cable, which by then has been seated in the lever slot. BP
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