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    I've had new Hypereutectic pistons installed onto my connecting rods. I was looking at them and noticed that one of the pinch bolts [I think thats what there called] is turned backwards [nut is on opposite side] from the other 7. Is this OK?

    Darryl C. Lewallen Clarkesville, Ga.
    Darryl C. Lewallen Clarkesville, Ga.

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    NO ! it is not, read the shop manual for the correct alighment of the rods ,pistons, and studs. BTW, tap the stud in with a soft hammer when you torque them down.

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      DC, That is one of the most critical parts of your engine and the one thing that will distroy it in a hurry. Just ask me and JDP how we know.


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        'cause I'm hurting to hear a good story I'll bite;

        Just how do you know?


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          Can't be said enough, it'll save you and the next guy $$$$ time and aggrevation. I just tore down a 289, a few of the things found,
          crank gear had been installed by beating on it result one half broken tooth, thrus washer behind crank gear installed backwards causing thrust bearing to be destroyed, homemade brass shims to set up end play, crude looked like they were cut with an axe, one laying in the bottom of the timing cover. aluminum timing cover cracked where the same the mechanic his name I think was G.O.rilla beat the front hub on with a sledge. front hub all beat up. Wrong washers on main bolts, factory rods numbered by factory in different positions.
          One rod installed backwards.
          Just do it right or don't do it!!

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          57 SH (project)
          60 Lark VIII 2dr sd (driver)


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            Paul, Back about 68 or 69 I was running a 232 at Fernando Raceway. One Sunday at the strip about half way down the quarter the car started smoking out of one pipe. Checked out to be a broken ring. Removed the piston and rod assembly, the piston was scratched from pieces of the ring. So I bought a new piston from Jahns. In a big hurry to get it running for the next Sunday didn't take my time to put that pin in right, I guess, because about 2 or 3 months later on a pass just before the finish line the engine shut off like you turned off the key. That last rod assy. the nut fell off and the pin backed out and jammed against the cylinder wall. Twisting and breaking 1 rod, the crank in one place. The cam came out in 3 pieces. The oil pan looked like someone had put a grenade in it, the block was cracked. About the only things I could use on another engine were the valve keepers.


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              Russ, you gotta give Mr. G.O. Rilla (Ha!, love it!) credit for being so creative in screwing up the job in so many different ways. Talk about original thinking!