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Transmission adapter

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  • Transmission: Transmission adapter

    I have a 1963 Daytona 289 going into my 1952 Starliner Deluxe. I have located a 700R4 (possibly) and am in need of an adapter. Where can I find one and how much is it going to cost my small budget of getting this car back on the road? Thanks for the help y'all.

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    Go to there's one advertised there every month.
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      Call Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker: 937-878-1576. A short phone chat with Phil will quickly gain your confidence, and I seriously doubt you will be disappointed with his kit. Best kit for best price, IMHO.

      Also, it may be wise to read all the archives you can find here on this mod. Several folks have done it, and have posted lessons learned that may make it easier and cheaper for you.
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        Not sure which one Phil sells but one from "41 Frank" (screen name) here on this board is a very nice adapter. I have one I'll be installing here shortly.



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          Thanks to Joe Hall, I followed his advise. It was easy to install.


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            Thanks guys. Its all coming together and hopefully I will have this car on the road by October!!


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              I hope this is not a hijack, but I have been curious about these adapters for many years. I looked into them many years ago, but information was not forthcoming. It turns out that I had looked into the steeltech product and there was no information available.

              What I wanted to know was:
              What is the set of parts that need to be obtained, and from what makes and models and years of marques?
              What makes and models of cars would supply the correct transmission?

              Since these conversions have been going on for years now, is there a place/site that spells it all out, how to do it and where to get the pieces?
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                Hey radioroy. Don't mind the hijack at all I just hope somebody answers your question. My posts tend to die after about five replys.
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                  I will offer again, if you do a search of the archives here, you will find plenty to read, where others have documented their experiences. Many of those threads were posted while the experience was still fresh in the writers' minds.


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                    Hey Joe. Thank you for the advise. I am thirstily drinking up all the knowledge of all the previous posts, believe you me! I plan to call Mr. Harris as soon as my transmission is in shop while the brakes are getting worked on. This had been a six year project for me and I am truly excited about getting this car on the road.