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Body Lift Points & Body Cradle for Avanti

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  • Body Lift Points & Body Cradle for Avanti

    Realize that this is a bad week to ask questions, however I start on restoration of #2295 next week. Does anyone here have pictures/descriptions of the best body lift points(Strapping) for an Avanti body and the dimensions/drawings for a roll around body cradle?

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    Wow! Good question. Avanti Motors (now in Mexico) might have some of
    what you are looking for. I would guess that JDP would know also.


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      To make your self a body dolly, you can take the body hold down measurements from the dimensioned frame drawing in the shop manual.



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        Thanks R2Andy, seems the best solutions are the easiest and typically they lie right under our noses.


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          You can jack the body off the frame, while it's sitting on the ground, but it's easier to do when it's up in the air about a foot.
          Once it's clear of the frame and you can see above the trans tunnel, you can run 4X4's under the front and rear door jamb. From then on, it's your option to hoist the body with the 4X's or jack it up under the 4X4's and let it sit on pylons. (my experience)

          I've also seen owners who have run hoist straps thru the windows and lifted it by the roof. Not my choice, but it worked without problems.

          I've seen photos of four guys lifting a bare body off and placing it on a dolly. The body without glass, weighs less than 600# (I am told)
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