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Flanged Axle shafts bearings and seals

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  • Rear Axle: Flanged Axle shafts bearings and seals

    #1 - On a '66 sedan with a Dana 27 rear axle (I think the Model 44 is similar), the outer grease seal is unavailable through any of our Stude Parts vendors Part # 1562434. Does anyone know of an interchange for this seal?

    #2 - On the same vehicle, the cone and roller portion of the rear wheel (axle shaft) bearing is listed in the Chassis Body Parts Catalog as Part # 1562421 while Part # 530451 is listed for tapered axle shaft cars. However, the cup portion for both bearings is Part # 165167 (SKF BR14276). FLAPS only show this second cone and roller (#530451 - SKF 14132T) as being used in all 65/66 Studebakers. Are they truly interchangeable? Is there an interchange for the complete kit that a FLAPS might know about?

    #3 - I cannot find a Stude Parts Vendor that sells the shaft bearing retaining ring (clinch ring) - Part # 1562427 used to hold the bearing in place. I am thinking there must be an easy interchange with Ford or Chrysler or?

    Any and all help appreciated, thanks in advance.
    Mark Hayden
    '66 Commander
    Zone Coordinator
    Pacific Can-Am Zone

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    Send me a PM. I think I can help.



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      Originally posted by stude dude View Post
      Send me a PM. I think I can help.

      If Chris can help all is well. If you have further difficulties with Dana parts, go on-line and search for Dana/Spicers parts for the 27. I did that with the 44 in my Avanti's (74/83) and found the bearing/seal/ring kit for a 70 or so IH Scout II was a direct replacement.

      Several 4X4 sites have very good parts listings and Dana is a very popular supplier. There's little difference between the Stude Dana and the ones used in other applications.

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        Another good source would be Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker. If he doesn't have it, I bet he knows what else swaps in. Good luck.
        Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)