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K body trunk hinge

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    Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
    THIS is exactly the kind of Old Thread that is just TOO helpful to lose!

    In the cleanup of "Old Threads" over 5 Years old, I would hope that SOME discretion would be used.

    I show Merlin's Last Post as: 12/17/2016, I hope we have not lost him, one way or another.

    Me too, was going to PM him see how it all held up, but seems he's gone.


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      What are the part numbers for the 53 K trunk hinges?


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        I have an extra set of hinges which I'm going to try this on. GREAT write up! To take it a step farther, I'm wondering if after the holes are enlarged, the part can be heat treated to harden the area where the holes were enlarged...and use long, modified grade #8 bolts (unthreaded shank ends) for the pins.
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          If someone wants to send me a couple pair of old hinges, I'll try to come up with a rebuild process for them.
          (Just don't be in a big hurry)
          HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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            I too had problems with both my 63 GT Hawk and 64 Super Hawk. The body shop that has restored 3 of my cars had worked long and hard to repair. After removing the trunk lid and springs, he drilled out the holes that became oblong and not round. I believe he added sleeves and threaded studs to replace the rivets. When I see him next week Ill get more of a description and pictures.