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  • Powershift Help Needed

    My '64 Daytona is equipped with a Powershift transmission that has been trouble free until yesterday. We were on our way to Virginia for a meet, and all was totally normal for the first 70 miles. I stopped for a traffic light, and when I tried to pull out, the car moved very slowly as if the parking brake was on. I limped into a gas station and did some preliminary troubleshooting.

    I verified that the brakes were all free. The car goes normally in reverse. Neutral and Park are OK. In the D or 2 position (second gear) the car will move forward, but only with fairly heavy throttle, with the engine straining, as if the brakes were on. In the 1 position, the car will inch forward, under throttle, but will suddenly go backwards.

    My take on the problem is that I am getting reverse applied whenever I am in first or second gear. Third gear (direct) is probably fine, since I drove up to the stoplight OK. I'm hoping that it is something that I can repair with the transmission in the car.

    Before I open it up, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Anyone BTDT?

    Jim Bradley
    '64 Daytona HT "Rerun"
    Jim Bradley
    Lake Monticello, VA
    '78 Avanti II

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    I looked at power flow through a flightomatic in 56 manual. High gear has frt. and rear clutches applied, Reverse uses rear clutch and rear band,
    low uses frt clutch and rear band. Since you were moving with frt &rear clutches applied when you stopped , when you pull it into low you are applying the rear band and front clutch. If you are going in reverse it would seem for some reason the rear clutch is hanging. Since car is inching forward under strain both clutches seem to be engaged but the frt lets go. This may be mechanical in natural or hydraulic. Looking at
    flow charts I think I would check governor assy first. It appears that rear clutch did not release on downshift. I'm looking at a 56 manual,
    but I assume they are similiar.


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      Sorry to say, this usually means the trans. is fried- clutch discs are welded together... could also be something broken in the valve body...

      Hope I'm wrong...

      Robert (Bob) Andrews Owner- IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
      Parish, central NY 13131


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        Rear clutch maybe stuck for mechanical reasons but if governor was stuck open for some reason(maybe flyweights problem)may not
        let trans downshift. Trans would be hydraulicly locked in third. Since flow is cut to governor in park, neutral and reverse by manual shift valve they will act normal. I may be totally wrong but it"s something you can check without pulling trans.