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  • Seat position

    That would be a fair guess!

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    Seat position

    This is not really important, just curious about it. I noticed today that the (what I'm sure is the original seat) front seat in my rusty 50' Commander is on wooden blocks, each about 3" in diameter. Looking back at the 1950's title the car was purchased by a woman in NAshville, TN. I'm guessing she was short and the blocks were put under the seat to raise it?


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      Stude always offered information to their dealers on adjusting steering wheel height, seating position, even raising the headliner on some models (to accomodate men with hats I suppose). One service bulletin dealing with the seat blocks recommends making 4 hardwood blocks, 4"L X 2"W X 1/2" or 1" thick. I think there's 3 sets of holes in the floor for custom mounting the seat tracks.

      Dwain G.


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        My mother bought 4 Studebakers new and had the dealer put blocks under the seats of all of them. Even as tall as I am, I have put blocks under mine.

        Leonard Shepherd


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          My 52 has wooden blocks under the front legs of the seat. The blocks were there when I bought it 36 years ago.

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            My 1950 Champion had 3/4" plywood blocks at each seat bolt. They had deteriorated and made the seat wobbly, so I took them out. I figured that they were a farmer's way of customizing the car. Its interesting to hear that it might have been a factory authorized modification for vertically challenged drivers.

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