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TW "tech tip" assistance

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  • Electrical: TW "tech tip" assistance

    Just finished reading the June TW tech tip regarding "Hot Starts" so I took a look at my 51 Champion.
    Was Randy referring to the braided cable pictured on the left to be connected near the starter to assist with cranking amps? If so, the one pictures doesn't have the reach.
    Is there a specific size of ground strap I should look for at the local auto parts store?


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    In your case, Brett, just buy a size 00 tractor battery cable with large eyelets on both ends (or have one made with eyelets on both ends at the local NAPA store), long enough to go from the "engine end" stud of your existing braided ground cable, down to either starter motor mounting bolt.

    I.e., leave the braided cable as shown in your picture; just attach a supplementary cable from the engine end of the braided one, down to a starter mounting bolt, rather than replace your existing braided cable. BP
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      Yes, hadn't thought about creating a "jumper" from the existing cable. Thanks for the suggestion.


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        I do not think that it is an illusion in your picture - your pulleys appear to be way out of alignment. The generator should be further forward. Perhaps that is not an original, to that car, generator set up.
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          "Perhaps that is not an original, to that car, generator set up. Gary"

          You may be right. Here is a little background on the car.


          I've just now been able to get into driving the car and learning more about it. I'm hoping to get with Myer's Studebaker to have them give the car a "checkup", although it has been well cared for by previous owners.


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            Go to West Marine and buy Ancor tinned copper wire and Ancor fittings. They have a crimp tool for free use.