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57B Backing plate differences

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  • Brakes: 57B Backing plate differences

    What is the difference between the left and right backing plates front and rear on a 57B Commander V8?

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    If the brake cylinder is at the top of the backing plate on the front, there is probably no difference in a right or left, front backing plate. If the cylinders are not centered at the top, then there will be a specific left and right. Rear backing plates are specific to left and right because of the emergency brake cable having to enter the backing plate on the front side. Good luck. It is pointed out at home that I am wrong 90% of the time, so this might be the case with the above comments as well...


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      Originally posted by tim333 View Post
      What is the difference between the left and right backing plates front and rear on a 57B Commander V8?
      They are mirror images of each other. The front backing plates mount the wheel cylinders rearward of the top position sort of 1:00 on the left front and 11:00 on the right front.

      The rear backing plates mount the cylinders on top, at 12:00, but the opening for the emergency brake cable is always toward the front of the car.

      To explain further, the fronts are completely different than the rears.

      the fronts are mirror images from side to side.

      the rears are mirror images from side to side.

      Did you get a car where everything had been completely disassembled? Or did somebody else take everything apart and now you have to reassemble it?
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        I took the fronts apart and lost track of which was which after hanging on a hook to paint. Saw the different part numbers in the book hence this post. I figured it out though, still appreciate the help.