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  • Ignition: Ignition wire set

    I can get a new ignition wire set for a small-block Chevy at my local FLAPS. Will the set fit my Studebaker 259? Thanks.

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    These are good wires, cut to fit. Comes with crimpers. Look like the original later wires, but perform better. Less noise than solid wires, better spark than carbon resistor wires. They are better quality than from vendors, and less expensive, and you get a free tool... plus they are more authentic looking than what is available from vendors. (they also say Packard 440 on the wire)
    (of course vendors will tell you not to by them)
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      Thanks for the information, but it did not answer my question.


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        No, the length is wrong for a V8 Studebaker, also you want Straight or 45 degree Plug ends, not 90 degree .
        The best fitting, are the Studebaker Vendor Packard brand Wires Sets.

        However, I have in the past before Stude. Custom Made Wires were available, used the 396 Chev. wires that were long enough to reach.
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          Thanks for the information. I guess I won't be buying SBC wires.


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            Bezhawk: Thanks for that great information!


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              Fairborn parts vendor supplies V8 wire sets that are of spiral wound construction in black jacketing. They are a "universal" set for the Studebaker V8, in that the lengths of each wire are sufficient to satisfy most Studebaker V8 setups, but may need some shortening for some "factory-correct" installations. I did need to shorten some wires for my "64 259 Daytona.
              When shortening, extreme care has to be exercised to avoid damaging the spiral winding wrap over the inner core. I measured the fine wire wrapping at approx. 13" per inch of cable.


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                The Summit wires are cut to length and have 90, 45 or straight boots. The wires say "Packard radio suppression" just like the factory wires.
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