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    This may have been ask before but I can't find it!

    Is there anyone that has a motor mount "kit" that will permit a Chevy 350 engine to be installed in a Hawk? Also a new cross member needs to be fabricated.

    If any one knows of this please let me know!

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    What happened to the 289 that was in it?
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      The car has no motor or transmission. Thats why I am installing a Chevy 350 and a GM700R. The body is great and I plan on getting it on the road and driving it. I have road in a 63 Hawk and was greatly impressed. I'll have some money in it but not as much as a new car.
      I also have a 78 MGB and it has over 300,000 miles on it. I have had it since new. Also I have another project that I am working on and engine swap. Its called a Pulse. A 1986 model. It is a motorcyle.
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        Why not save yourself the headache and install a stock setup? Cheaper than a fab job. Lots of Stude power plants and trannies around.
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          Leroy, Yes, I have one in my 54K, essentially your frame etc. If I were to do it again, I'd use the Slick street stuff mounts. The rear cross member will depend on what you see when you set the engine. I just added a mount to the existing cross member IIRC.

          There will be some issues with exhaust and radiator but nothing that can't be handled if you have some experience do same. It will cost some money but the SBC is lighter and the 700R4 is an excellent addition.

          My 54 had a weak rear axle so I installed a GM narrowed rear end but if you have a Dana 44 in yours it will work. I also used a one-piece drive shaft so I modded the drive tunnel and tweaked the fire wall.

          AS I said, a lot of issues to attend to but it's pretty straight forward as swaps go. I won't argue that the OEM setup is easier but that's not what you asked. There are a lot of SBC's running around in Stude bodies.

          If you decide to go ahead, ask about what you need.

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