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1927 commander big six starter clutch

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  • roadster dave
    Are you in the antique Studebaker club? If not than it be good if you joined. Their bi-monthly magazine The Antique Review has many sources and someone who actualy advertises those pawls. I have a 27 Comm.too and know that prior to me the pawls were replaced. Also, try on the Antique Studebaker Club's web site of same name.
    good Luck, Roadster Dave.

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  • dlp
    started a topic Engine: 1927 commander big six starter clutch

    1927 commander big six starter clutch

    I am looking for starter clutch pawls # 13153 or 113321 oversize,#13754 gasket,#39817 fan drive pulley for 1927 commander big six engine please let me know if anybody has these or has a lead on them or a compleat starter clutch thanks