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Champion timing cover leak.

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  • Engine: Champion timing cover leak.

    Have a 49 Champion, front seal was leaking. Took timing cover off and just pieces of felt seal were there. Have a gasket set so I cleaned every thing up and put new felt seal in cover and took a close look. The solder that held the inner piece on was cracked 2/3rds of the way around. Are these soldered at factory? Had machine shop repair it and getting it together now. Most of the other engines I've worked on were welded or had screws or rivets. I guess they were made as cheap as possible, however this is before the "Scotsman" model. Have fun, I am.

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    If its still off the car, do your self a favor and drill a small hole thru the inner retainer ONLY at the 6 o'clock position. This allows drain back and reduces the chance of leakage past the felt. Also make sure the threads in the filler block for the lower timing cover bolts are in good shape; helicoil etc. if necessary. Finally, mount the timing cover and gasket loosely, and then fully insert the crank hub BEFORE you snug up the timing cover. This helps center the hub in the felt. Have seen some felt retainers soldered and some screwed on, also some with the small hole already there. Hope this helps.


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      For what it is worth my 41 is brazed on with no hole. The hole sounds like a good idea though. No leaks on mine so far!


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        "The hole sounds like a good idea though."

        Only if you already have the t/c off anyways!
        My '41 is a Commander, and I can't remember how its retainer is attached, but,
        I can guarantee you that I made sure that it does have a drain hole.
        Maybe somebody will clarify which/whether some retainers are held on by screws?


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          I wonder if the hole would allow the felt to dry out if the the engine wasn't ran for awhile, may need a little oil on the felt for startup.


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            Dunno; never occurred to me?