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Parasitic electrical drain

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  • 41 Frank
    The temp sender would not have any current going to it when the ignition switch is in the off position, so unlikely that it is your problem. I would look for a glove box light, under hood light or trunk light staying on first, if your car is equipped with any of those.

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  • 64GTHawk
    started a topic Electrical: Parasitic electrical drain

    Parasitic electrical drain

    My battery goes flat if I leave it connected. I've checked for current through lamps, fuses, etc., but haven't been able to pinpoint the cause of the drain. So, I now disconnect the battery every time I put the car away.

    I'm now wondering if my heat indicator (water temperature sender) could be the culprit. Any thoughts on this? (BTW, coolant is smoking off the top rear of the driver's side valve cover; so I'm hoping that replacing the heat indicator might cure both problems.)