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Please help identify this transmission.

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Please help identify this transmission.

    I am currently looking at buying a 3 spd. overdrive transmission (over the phone)
    I can't see it, so I asked for casting numbers.
    The guy told me the body has a H15-8 cast into it.
    The tail shaft has R10F-1E cast into it.
    I am sort of new to Studebaker and wanted to identify the trans. to make sure it will fit before I buy it.
    I looked and could not find reference to these numbers but
    he told me he removed the transmission from a 59 Silver Hawk with a six cylinder.
    Is it a T86? I looked at mine and did not see any similar numbers but mine is not an overdrive unit.
    I would like to pair it with a 259 in a 59 Silver Hawk. It currently has a 3 speed but no overdrive.
    If anyone is familiar with the casting numbers or could tell me the best way to id it over the phone I would sure appreciate the help.
    Thanks in advance,

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    The transmission from a six cylinder car is a T-96 and is too small for a V-8 engine. The V-8 cars mostly used T-86 transmissions. Transmissions for six cylinder cars will not fit behind a V-8.

    There should be a T-86 or a T-96 cast into the transmission somewhere. If memory serves, it is above the shifting levers.

    The easiest way to tell over the phone is to ask how many bolts are holding the sheet metal top cover to the gear box. As far as CARS go, 6 bolts means a V-8 transmission and 4 bolts means a six cylinder transmission.

    Also be aware that 59 transmissions have long tail shafts, whereas 57 and earlier transmissions have short tail shafts.

    Trucks are a whole different story, generally having a larger transmission for the engine size than a car.
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      Most of the 3-speed overdrive six cylinder Hawks in my experience came with the T96 light duty transmissions. You would not want one behind the V8.

      Make sure of your bell housing bolt pattern. Your engine may be the original late (Ford) bolt pattern, but I've seen more than one with an earlier engine swapped in.

      jack vines


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        Thanks, I was not aware that a six had the T-96 and v8 used a T86.
        It makes sense now. I guess I need to keep looking.
        Thanks again,